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Alma Accent Prime

Alma Accent Prime

Sculpt, lift, tighten, smooth and transform your skin with Alma Accent Prime, a groundbreaking solution for face and body contouring offered at our SeeMy Beauty Institute



Alma Accent Prime is a highly innovative solution that combines several advanced technologies – laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency – to offer safe, painless and highly effective skin tightening and body contouring in just 20 minutes.

Body & Face Contouring
from 150€

From your face and neck to your arms, belly and thighs, Alma Laser’s state-of-the-art technology can treat saggy skin and remove cellulite to give you firmer, smoother skin and a toned figure.

Body & Face Sculpting
from 350€

Safe and effective for all skin types, we can remove excess fat in any area you desire, giving you a shape you love.

Body & Face Lifting
from 350€

Ultrasound and radio wave technology can lift, tighten and tone your chin, jawline, buttocks, or wherever you need a lift.

Prices will vary based on the procedure chosen, the area of the body you wish to target, and the number of sessions.

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Immediate Results

Besides being clinically proven, safe and pain free, the Alma Accent Prime solution provides immediate, visible results you’ll love, with zero downtime needed.


The innovative combination of technologies used in Alma Accent Prime provides the quickest solution for skin contouring and sculpting available. You’ll see a difference in as little as 20 minutes – a record-breaking beauty transformation.


Non-invasive and completely painless radio wave and ultrasound technologies revitalize collagen fibers and disrupt fat cells.


No matter your age, skin type or skin tone, the treatment is clinically proven to work for you. As always, we will tailor the procedure to your individual needs and characteristics.


The Alma Accent Prime treatment for both the face and body promises effective, visible, reliable and lasting results, from the very first session.




Visible results from the first session! 

Tighter, firmer skin, a more toned shape, less visible wrinkles, all in a matter of minutes. The groundbreaking Alma Accent Prime treatment allows you to see visible results after just one session, with a complete transformation in just 3 to 5 sessions.

How does it work? 

After an in-depth consultation, a beauty expert will help to determine your precise goals and walk you through the number of sessions needed to reach them.

Each of these sessions will last no more than 20 minutes, with absolutely no redness, pain, or downtime afterwards.