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SeeMy CILS is an internationally renowned brand for premium eyelash extensions. We are a pioneer of Russian volume in France, offering both Natural and Russian lash extensions – and every lash look in between. Whether you’re going for a more natural, subtly enhanced look or an eye-popping, mega 3D volume lash, SeeMy CILS offers the highest quality selection of extensions.

SeeMy cosmetics

A unique experience

Your eyes are one of your most prominent and special features. So, what better than to emphasize and enhance them with premium eye treatments and cosmetics that bring out their natural beauty and keep them looking their best.

Guests of our luxury Paris salon can give their eyes some tender loving care with professional lash extensions, nourishing lash treatments and semi-permanent eye makeup to give new life to the eyes and face.

Our highly trained, rigorously selected team of beauty technicians apply these techniques with perfection and precision to create your preferred eye look, from natural and delicate to show stopping glam.


Eyelash Extensions

The expert beauty artists at SeeMy Beauty Institute will guide you through our extensive selection of lashes and offer sharp insight into the ideal lengths, bends and techniques for your eyes.

extensions de cils paris
extensions de cils paris


Extension de cils naturel
Extension de cil
extension de cils volume russe
extension cils
extension de cils volume russe

Eyelash Extensions

Perfect for those seeking a more refined but still enhanced lash look. The SeeMy CILS Natural Design eyelash extensions provide a subtle boost to the length, curl and volume of your lashes that is hardly detectable but highly effective.

Natural design


(50 extensions per eye)

Natural refill


Your natural lash extensions should be renewed every 2 weeks.

Our Intense Volume Design is a step above natural, resulting in an even more eye-catching eye look that calls attention to your eyes and frames them with long, full three-dimensional lashes.

Intense Volume design


(80 extensions per eye)

Intense Volume refill


Your intense lash extensions should be renewed every 3 weeks.

If you are hesitating between the two different techniques, Russian Volume or lash to lash, we offer a solution that subtly combines both techniques to create a custom, tailor-made design for your eyelashes. Recommended for someone who wishes to intensify their look even further, our beauty experts will create a personalized shape to your lashes through a unique application of our lash extensions.

Mixed/Custom design


(120 extensions per eye)

Custom Refill


Your mixed lash extension should be renewed every 3 weeks.

We specialize in ultra-fine Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which give maximum 3D volume and density to your lashes to achieve an exquisite eye look. However, if you’re looking for something more subtle and natural, we’ve got you covered with eyelash extensions that will elegantly enhance your natural lash line.

Russian Volume design


Russian Volume refill

120 €

Removal & Care



Lash Treatment

At SeeMy, we believe that beauty goes beyond makeup. That’s why we also provide nourishing, rejuvenating eye care and lash treatments to enhance your eyes’ health as well as their appearance. Our expert techniques can naturally boost the length and thickness of both your lashes and your brows.

Eyelash Lifting


The miracle cure for natural lashes that look longer and fuller in just 1 hour

Nourishing Lash Lift by E.R.


This invigorating treatment is enriched with nourishing components like peptides, keratin and vitamin B to promote the growth of your eyelashes or eyebrows.

Lash Lamination

210 €

This revolutionary repair protocol is available to revitalize your lashes as well as restructure and lift your brows for a perfect Cara Delavigne effect.

Eyelash Tint

50 €

Our eyelash tint treatment can provide darker, more defined lashes without the potential clumping and residue of mascara


Eye Makeup

Eyeliner highlights one of the most important features in your entire face. With semi-permanent eye makeup, you can have the look of expertly applied eyeliner every single day for up to six to 12 months – without ever having to apply it yourself.

We use the latest technologies and most innovative techniques to define the lid and lash line using semi-permanent liner. Our highly trained and experienced beauty team will ensure a flawless application that meets professional makeup artists’ standards.

Lash Line

300 €

Ultra precise definition and high density lashes with semi-permanent eyeliner applied right on the lash line.

Upper Lid Eyeliner

350 €

A vivid liner that intensifies your eyelash fringe and makes your eyes pop.

Lowe Lid Eyeliner

250 €

Highlight your lower lashes with precise and refined definition underneath your eyes.